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We have moved and expanded

We have moved operations to Toronto, Ontario.

New Web Site

Twelve years after our original web site was launched on 7 April 1996, we have made the radical shift from static web pages to embrace CMS and blogging technology.

2003 InfoTech Award of Distinction

The St. Albert Chamber of Commerce has awarded BITNETS Inc. the 2003 Information Technology Award of Distinction.

BITNETS announces Secure E-mail Service

St. Albert, Alberta-based IT solutions provider BITNETS Inc. has announced a managed, secure e-mail service.

An e-mail perimeter defense service, the service is designed to stop e-mail borne threats at the network perimeter, as opposed to other solutions that analyze suspect mail once it is inside. It is available to all businesses and individuals and is of most value to the SMB market. SMB and SOHO versions are available.

Hello Canada

We have moved operations to Alberta, Canada.

Mail Hosting

BITNETS scores first major consulting and mail hosting contract [one that lasted 6 years!].

Welcome to BITNETS

Bajaj Net [est. Apr 03, 1996] is now BITNETS.

EBS Home Page

Eskay Business Service Centre (EBS), a related business unveiled on Bajaj Net, marks our foray into Internet technologies.

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