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Available 7 days a week, including all holidays. Live on-line consulting (toll-free telephone, VoIP and e-mail) hours 9 AM to 9 PM Eastern Time, starting at C$39.00 per half hour. Shopper's Currency Converter™
In-person consulting and on-site support hours Mon - Fri 10 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time. Priority support available Mon - Fri 5 PM - 6 PM and Sat 12 PM - 4 PM. Emergency assistance available after hours, on Sundays and holidays.

Contact us for in-person consultation or to arrange for on-site service, or schedule an appointment online for online consulting or phone support.

Personal Tech

We can enrich your life with the right technology solutions for you.

Whether it be information management such as organization, GTD tools, shared calendars and reminders, home servers, backup solutions, personal devices, media centres or home automation, we can get it done for you.

Send us a message stating what you’re looking for, and with our community connections we can at the very least refer you to someone who can help or guide you where to look.

Business Services

Servers Security, Configuration Support, Ongoing Systems Administration and Internetworking Solutions.

We apply our in-house legal and accounting expertise to provide a much broader range of consulting services, from liasing with vendors on licensing issues on behalf of our clients to customizing specialized solutions for property management.

We provide evaluation, deployment, security and support services for Internet servers. We customize your internetworking solutions based on ongoing evaluations of your requirements to provide the most suitable and optimized combination of services and products, whether these be our in-house consulting and managed services, on-site servers deployed at your premises, off-site backup servers, outside products or off-shore services.

Services Include:

Products Supported: