BITNETS announces Secure E-mail Service

St. Albert, Alberta-based IT solutions provider BITNETS Inc. has announced a managed, secure e-mail service.

An e-mail perimeter defense service, the service is designed to stop e-mail borne threats at the network perimeter, as opposed to other solutions that analyze suspect mail once it is inside. It is available to all businesses and individuals and is of most value to the SMB market. SMB and SOHO versions are available.

“We have been providing managed e-mail hosting undercover since 1999. The service started out as a solution to a client’s specific requirements, and has incorporated content filtering, anti-virus, TLS/SSL and anti-spam over the years. The service has now been built from the ground up on the rock-solid FreeBSD OS using thoroughly tested and proven secure open-source components”, says founder and principal Gary Bajaj.

The intention of the service is to help alleviate administrative, legal and financial pressures on SMBs. For example, a business with 30 employees could be down for a long time with a virus, could easily spread the virus to third party systems and spend more than the annual fee for the service just to rebuild compromised servers and desktops. In addition to price, customers will appreciate the fully managed, hands-off service with nothing new to learn and zero administration, which is the greatest benefit of the BITNETS service.

It is not an off-the-shelf retail product; the system has been developed based on extensive research specifically for business, with security being the number one priority. More information is available in the Information and FAQs section of the BITNETS web site.