Business Services

Servers Security, Configuration Support, Ongoing Systems Administration and Internetworking Solutions.

We apply our in-house legal and accounting expertise to provide a much broader range of consulting services, from liasing with vendors on licensing issues on behalf of our clients to customizing specialized solutions for property management.

We provide evaluation, deployment, security and support services for Internet servers. We customize your internetworking solutions based on ongoing evaluations of your requirements to provide the most suitable and optimized combination of services and products, whether these be our in-house consulting and managed services, on-site servers deployed at your premises, off-site backup servers, outside products or off-shore services.

Services Include:

  • Systems administration (Local and Remote)
  • FreeBSD Servers setup and configuration
  • Apache Web Server setup and configuration on Win32/FreeBSD
  • BIND DNS Server setup and configuration on Win32/FreeBSD
  • Postfix Mail Server setup and configuration on FreeBSD
  • Courier-IMAP Server setup and configuration on FreeBSD
  • Wireless APs and Routers with 801.1x RADIUS EAP-TLS certificate-based server-client authentication and security
  • Windows Servers and XP security
  • Internet Information Server (IIS) secure configuration
  • Microsoft DNS Server configuration and zones setup
  • Windows domain controllers setup and secure configuration
  • Windows Servers security policies and file systems audit
  • Servers evaluation based on a study of your requirements
  • Vendor-independent Internet servers configuration support
  • Remote turnkey product deployment
  • Network security policies
  • Developing your Company's Internet strategy
  • Rightsourcing IT products and services
  • Leveraging and adopting Internet technologies
  • Technology briefings

Products Supported:

  • FreeBSD Internet Servers, BIND, Apache, Postfix and Courier-IMAP
  • FreeBSD Application Servers, Apache, PHP and PostgreSQL
  • Windows Servers, XP, IIS and DNS
  • SMTP/IMAP/POP3 and Web Mail Servers
  • Web, FTP and DNS Servers
  • NAT, Socks, Proxy and RADIUS Servers